Daniele De Plano

Curriculum Vitae

Daniele De Plano becomes director every time there is the need to direct something though he keeps looking for a valid method to direct his own life. Puccini’s music is what he loves the most and occasions to be in company with Maestro’s music are constantly searched. He also loves wine as well as anything else that takes inspiration from it. Caravaggio is also greatly esteemed buy him and, sooner or later, he desires to meet him and declare him is true love publicly. Pure December 2015 he was the artistic director of the Puccini’s Festival and truly committed to make it succeed. Some have appreciated his commitment, others have not. Though he feels absolutely comfortable with the once on the top level he prefers to work with the ones of the second level from whom he gains more motivation. He works with undeserved success as Opera, cinema and television director.

Some episodes of “Prima della Prima”

Some episodes of “La musica di Rai 3”

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